Friday, October 24, 2008

Diablo Dominance - The 08-09 Edition

The season is on. The full schedule is up and the first games are this weekend.

The D1 Squad has their opener on Sunday at 7:40 pm against the Wingmen. They are on the big rink at Wakota Arena in South St. Paul.

The C2 Squad is opening up against ShameonIce on Sunday ten minutes later at 7:50 pm. They'll be skating at the "Big Biff" in HockeyTown, i.e. Saint Paul.

Here are links to the complete schedules. D1 Diablos C2 Diablos

By the way - we need names for our teams other than D1 and C2. How about...

D1 - The Fancy Diablos!
C2 - The Zippy Diablos!

If there are any other good suggestions, please let me know!


Your Friendly Competition said...

Gay Diablo's works.

Engine37 said...

That musta been old #74s Gay Pink Dress talking. I hope he didn't cut his finger typing.

Back to business. Seriously TR.....fancy and zippy? Why don't we just change the team color to pink for chrissakes?

I've got a better idea anyway. How about the "Diablos of Deicide" and the "Diablos of Cannibal Corpse"?