Friday, October 10, 2008

Frickin British Idiots

I thought the whole idea of NHLRocks two nights ago was an awesome idea. A little hockey and a little 80's Hair Metal. I didn't really care for the whole Alannis Morissette deal, but hell, she's from Canada and did a kick-ass version of the anthem in Ottawa two years ago in the Cup Finals.

But Def Leppard? Way Cool. The Hockey Hair. The One-armed Drummer. Pyromania, Photograph, Hysteria, Rock of Ages, and Pour Some Sugar On Me? Classic. How can something that takes me back to Pee Wee's be wrong?

Oh, but it was. It was so wrong when this happened.

I'll let Puckdaddy take it from here...

"Def Leppard's Joe Elliott redefined the concept of embarrassment during one of their NHL Face-Off Rocks segments at the Fox Theater in Detroit. This is what you get for booking a band from England: Drive on the wrong side of the road, place the holiest of holy hockey grails on a pedestal upside down. Epic, epic fail. Even Draper's kid had the good sense to poop in the thing right-side up.

This was the proverbial slow-motion car crash; like on "The Price is Right," when a contestant is about to put the $199 price tag on the tube of toothpaste and the crowd simultaneously shrieks "NO! NO!"

You saw him turn the Stanley Cup the wrong way, and you just wanted to reach through the television and flip it back before he put it down. If only someone on stage had helped him. Why couldn't the drummer have lent a ... bit of moral support?"

Good stuff from the daddy.

I have a problem with the NHL letting any stupid idiot carry the cup, let alone kiss it. I'm 38 years old and am playing beer league hockey but I will never touch the cup because I know that if I touch it, there's still no way that I'll ever win it.

I mean, you never know.

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