Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Hockey Anthem

I don't want to take away from my most previous post - because the took a while to write - but PuckDaddy threw this up on his blog and it's a pretty cool hockey anthem.

From PuckDaddy -

"Face Off" by Sean Chapin is a different kind of animal. It's a synth-pounding original song about hockey. It sounds very much like what Kenny Loggins would have written for a 1987 action/comedy about two FBI agents (Judge Reinhold and Judd Nelson) who go undercover with the Hartford Whalers (coached by Robert Urich, who we find out is really CIA right before the big gun fight at the end).

Nailed it.

Ranting about the Rants

Some of you may know that I am a sometimes contributer to Russo's Rants, Michael Russo's blog over on I used to be a regular over when it started (my moniker = "ballgame"). Russo would post and a few of us, Bandgeek, toivu, smuggla, kj, Greenstar, and the mayor of Russoville, Nick in New York, to name a few, would open shop. We would go back and forth with strong opinions, witty banter, and the occasional beer or Star Wars reference (for a week, Pierre-Marc Bouchard was called "Leia"). However, like most things I become part of, the blog became kinda a big deal.

Nowadays the blog will host hundreds of comments on a single post. There have been posts during games that collect five or six hundred comments. Having a voice on the Russoville blog has become diminished. Add to that, the Strib's crack IT staff can't keep up with all of the posts and have had significant technical problems throughout the explosion. Posters would double post, lose their post or worse yet, be called a "Cowboy". Making a solid contribution to the blog is pretty much resigned to some one who is willing to sit next to their computer all day - not something I'd rather do. I mean, its not like I have a job right now, but I'd rather be shooting wristers at beer cans with my kids.

I always read Russo's stuff and once in a while, when I've got some strong feelings about something, I'll post. Yesterday, during the Mark Parrish aftermath, there was a thread bemoaning the lack of Minnesota boys on the team. Most of the Russoville townies love all hockey and would like Minnesota fellas to play for the Wild, but they understand that that in this day and age, that may not always be possible. However there is a significant minority that believe that Minnesota Hockey trumps all things which, I believe by reading the voracity of their posts, includes their jobs, their mothers, and Minnesota girls.

Many posts on the thread explained their feelings of why they didn't need a Minnesota hockey player on the Wild in order to like the team. There was also a strong contingent that strongly disagreed. They were passionate about their Minnesota hockey and needed a Minnesota hockey player on the Wild. I, for the life of me, cannot understand that line of thinking, but I thought I had an original thought that I would express.

Good topic today (and yesterday) - I’ll chime in…

Does anyone else agree with me that a lot of our boys are Minnesotans, albeit transplants? I’m from Wisconsin, myself, which may color my view, but I feel I am more a Minnesotan every day. I’m a transplant.

Burnsy, Koivu, Gabby, Boogey, Shultzy, Shep. They’re all local guys. They’re part of Minnesota hockey, whether they were born here or not & whether they played in the high school tourney or for the Gophs, or not.

Now don’t get me wrong - I’m counting down the days when Zach Parise’s RFA status is up, but because he’s a stud who happens to be from Bloomington, not because he’s from Bloomington.

There were some replies to the post - mainly positive until some guy named "Good Old Wally" called me out.


You being a transplant is not the same thing. I am speaking of the stregth of the hockey program locally. I think it is safe to assume that we Minnesotans have pride in our home grown talent ? no doubt… A father takes his son to a game, and with out a doubt will mention to his son that the Wild have a homegrown player on the roster

I dont think it is wise to have no homegrown talent on a pro team in Minnesota, in Nashville sure !

Yes the Wild have players who live here during the season and leave to go back home during the summer, but that is not the same thing. THOSE PLAYERS ARE NOT PRODUCTS OF MINNESOTA HOCKEY. SO IF THE MINNESOTA PRO TEAM DOES NOT HAVE ANY PRO PLAYERS FROM MINNESOTA, THAT IS A SLAP IN THE FACE ? no doubt. I cant see how anybody cant see the point

Minnesota hockey = Passion and Passion is not wise for the Wilds front office to mess with…. Is it a pain in the ass ? Maybe… So live with it and do something about I say. Leopold bought the team in Minnesota and should know that Minnesotans have a passion for the hockey products here

I am sure that the Wilds brass will say they dont care about where the players are from and they will likely take a hard ass response, but I say that they are full of bull and in denial. If your in Nashville then you dont care.

DR in the back of his mind tried to meet the needs of the local fans by..

Mark Parrish
AJ Thelen
Maybe Sean Hill

Great move
Darby Hendrickson

All of those moves turned sour. If I look at the make up of this team, Jason Blake looks to be a no brainer for this roster

Bottom line DR … YOU HAVE A PR PROBLEM !! This in not Nashville

Is it me or does this guy think he's Jacque Lemaire? It reads like he's from Quebec and the "no doubt" is a dead givaway. Perhaps he's a big listener of KFAN.

A guy named "Beaver" (cripes I hope its not a gal) piggybacked...

Good Post Good Old Wally ! I agree its not wise to run with no Minnesotans. The Minnesota Hockey passion has much more history then the Wild do…. Were happy for the Wild for letting youth hockey sell the cute little programs before the games.. What does that make $ 200 bucks per association

Finally, a third member of the "Good Ole' Minnesota Boys Network", Mister Know it All, had his say...


I must applaud GOW and the Beaver. I as Mister Know it all agree 100%. The Wild have failed miserably since Darby Hendrickson. AJ Thelen is an example of the DR mindset…. oh it must be the pressure of the local kid making it… please no excuses anymore DR. How can you use the local kid pressure with AJ ? The kid got kicked off of the Michigan state hockey program for cripes sake

DR- I think it would be foolish do blame you for your effort with getting Mark Parrish in Minnesota. Who could have seen that coming

How about a great big HRRUMMPHH!!! One of those guys had to be either Pat Reusse or Sid Hartman.

Since I was called out by GOW, I figured I'd respond. Being the well thought out blogger that I am, I soon began to craft a response. After a few paragraphs and fifteen minutes later, the IT folks at failed me again by refreshing the post and losing my Polk worthy response.

My first thought was to start over, but the whole time I was wishing that there was a place for me to sound off where I wouldn't lose my post half the time and have more of an impact than a fart in a windstorm. Then I thought... why not use the World Famous, DiabloHockey Platform. This is the place where I will shout it from the mountaintop. I'm not sure if the world is ready for me to teach them about hockey, but they did handle Ninja Parades and a rant about Tiger Wood's vagina.

So Look Out, North American Hockey Purists. You're about to get some DiabloHockey knowledge cracked over your head. And if it doesn't work out, I can always delete this post and act as if nothing happened.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of July Update

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey - All things Hockey.

Jarick isn't the only superstar working out this summer. Some of the Russian NHL'ers are working out in St. Petersburg, Russia and they are looking old-school. Read about it here. Check out the tan lines on Malkin's (upper) thigh.

It's good that Malkin and Ovechkin are working out since last season this happened.

Elk River native, Dan Hinote, was able to shed his status as "NHL's most eligible bachelor (who plays for St. Louis)" by marrying Playboy's CyberGirl of some month (does it matter?), Amy McCarthy. Yes, she is the sister of Jenny McCarthy. They were married in Keystone, CO & the groomsman across from sister Jenny? Peter Forsberg. Apparently, he fell down halfway through the procession.

There are two hockey blogs that have gone through a bit of a change for the better. Third Jersey information can be found at & Illegal Curve is raking over the hockey blogs with information, and has a great interview by my mentor and facebook friend, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune and more famously, Russo's Rants.

**Addition** - ESPN still thinks they cover hockey. Therefore, their one hockey employee who isn't named Buccigross, Scott Burnside, put together a August Power Rankings. Mmmm. If I had to guess, I'd say Detroit in the West and Pittsburgh in the East. Unfortunately, both the Wild and the Devils drop. Wild slide to ninth considering they lost Rolston and Demitra but picked up Owen Who??!!? Devils slide two to sixth which means they'll most likely win the division. The three new DiabloHockey teams to watch fared better: Washington (e5), Tampa Bay (e8) and Chicago (w6) look to improve.

Farewell Former Captain Grumpy. It's been bittersweet.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jarick Losey's Dryland Training

This is Jarrick working on his speed technique.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lil' Sid

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diablo Hockey's Election Guide 2008

We here at Diablo Hockey want to be more than just your access point for all things hockey. This blog has become the home for so many Diablo Hockey fans, but has also become one of the top sites for all North American hockey information. However, we believe that it is our responsibility to serve our fanbase with pertinent information that goes beyond our great game. We believe that this blog is a way for us to reach out to the community at large.

Here is our first foray into the community service we wish, nay - we crave to provide.

Today Now!: How To Pretend You Give A Sh!t About The Election

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day from the Diablos

Bittersweet from the Pens.

Also - greatest speech in the history of western civilization.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UFA Signings - Day One Recap

Welcome Back, Bruno.

The Wild also traded away college uber-star, Ryan Jones to Nashville for an (gasp!) offensive minded defenseman, Marek Zidlicky. They also signed Craig Weller (??) to a two year, $1.2M contract. (UPDATE - YouTube video of Craig Weller being badass.) Look for the Wild to make moves for at least one more guy with most signs pointing to Calgary wing Kristian Huselius, but also possibly Sean Avery or Brendan Morrison. Huselius was kicked off of the Swedish national team for "allegedly" raping a 22 year old woman in 2005. (I'm sure that everyone who damned Risebrough for signing Chris Simon will continue their outrage if the Wild signs Huselius. What, you don't think so? Me, neither.)

Brian Rolston, as expected, vanished - although in a pleasant surprise, was signed by Diablo Hockey's second team, the Devils. The Devils also resigned Jay Pandolfo and brought back Bobby Holik from Atlanta. Rolston is 34 and signed a 4 year $20 million dollar deal while Holik is 37 and signed for 1 year and $2.5M. Sensing a trend, I was able to get a hold of Devils GM, Lou Lamorillo last night and inquired about signing John Driscoll. Lamorillo wasn't interested until I told him that JD just turned 40. Lou's listening now! JD's been offered 2 years at $1.4M, but I'm holding out for at least $2.5.

Aaron Voros signed with the Rangers and Todd Fedoruk signed for 3 years (3 years?!?) with Phoenix. Whoa, that Wayne Gretzky really knows how to build a team!

Back to Bruno - nice to have him back, but more interesting was Risebrough commenting that it was nice to be able to "correct a mistake". Mmmm... which mistake are you referring to Dougie? A.J. Thelen? Benoit Pouliot? Kyle Wanvig? Alexandre Daigle? Roman Voloshenko?

The following is a list of notable players drafted after A.J. Thelen(12) with the overall draft position in parenthesis.

Drew Stafford(13), Alexander Radulov(15), Travis Zajac(20), Wojtek Wolski(21), Andrej Meszaros(23), Mike Green(29), Chris Bourque(33), Brandon Dubinsky(60), Alex Goligoski(61), Johan Franzen(97).

Other notable signings - Rangers sign Wade Redden and re-sign Rozsival, Columbus signs Mike Commodore, Washington signs Jose Theodore, Chicago signs Cristobal Huet and Brian Campbell for 8 years and $56 million (bust - Campbell's soft and will get pounded because he'll have a huge target on his back. In the meantime, I'm getting Wild / Blackhawk tickets as soon as they come out).

And finally, since guys like Eric Godard, Matt Cooke, Georges Laraque, and Jeff Finger have left or are leaving the Northwest conference, it's tough to really bring the hate to the X night in and night out. Fortunately, the Avalanche signed former Maple Leaf, Darcy Tucker, who's hated by everyone in the Northeast (Adams?) Conference, and that includes most of the Maple Leaf fans.