Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AHA D1 Championship: Diablos 0 - Nemesis 2

BLOOMINGTON, MN - Suddenly, the Diablo's unthinkable run to the D1 championship ran into a wall Sunday afternoon as the Diablos fell to the Nemesis 0-2. Under the leadership of Captain Todd Ewing and alternates, John Blasingame and John Driscoll, the Diablos Hockey Club posted an outstanding 18 win, 5 loss, 1 tie record, but the Nemesis threw the clamps on and kept the Diablos off the scoreboard for their last AHA game. Considering every obstacle that the Diablos overcame, the fact that they made the championship run was amazing. Killing penalties, and scoring a power play goal in the second period was the Nemesis secret to upending the 'Blos.

In the end, the Diablos only put 16 shots on the Nemesis goaltender, not enough to sustain a comeback. The Diablos put up a good fight, however were unable to put enough good plays together to defeat the Nemesis.

Official AHA Scoresheet
- TR

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