Monday, November 26, 2007

Diablos 0 - Ak Bars 3

Diablos Shut Out to Ak Bars; Earth Still Maintaining Rotational Axis

ST. PAUL, MN. 11/25/07. The Diablo Hockey Club was shut out against a good Ak Bar defense and goaltending tandem Sunday night at the State Fair Coliseum. While the Diablos could never get it going offensively, they gave up a goal each period and lost their second game of the relatively young season. Incidentally, the Earth is still rotating at an astounding 67,000 miles per hour and has yet to show no signs of pulling away from its orbit around the Sun.

The Diablo's deficient offense was illustrated on the stat sheet in the shots column. The 'blos only managed 18 shots and while soft spoken Ak Bar netminder Trey Cain was able to turn them all away to earn the shutout, he left a few juicy rebounds in front of the net that the Diablos forwards were unable to convert.

Justin Alderink stood firm in the Diablo crease turning away 40 of the 43 Ak Bar shots, but just as the Diablo forwards left rebounds dangling, the Diablos were unable to clear on their end. The Ak Bars were able to score all three of their goals by crashing and creating near the net. Tjelmenland had two goals and an assist, while Anderson potted one and had a pair of helpers.

Despite the undesirable effort put forth by the Diablos, the ever dependable Earth never wavered from its undeviating rotation. Not only that, but the abnormal performance of the Diablos couldn't even budge the angle of the Earth's tilt from its 23 degrees and 26 minutes. Although minutes after the loss it seemed as if the Earth was certainly going to be hurdling uncontrollably through space, civilization will continue, which means the Diablos will play their next game against the Ice Gators next Saturday at the Coliseum. Rocco will arrive around 8:37 and the first puck drops at 8:45. Official AHA Scoresheet. - TR

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Earth to Reefer Earth to's clear most of the Diablow's are in Orbit...