Friday, December 21, 2007

8 Goals!

That's the amount of goals scored last night between John Driscoll and Marian Gaborik combined. After firing in his third (after a nifty dish by yours truly), here's what was going through JD's brain...

More from - yeah, the guy is named Todd.

The Diablo fan(s) were pumped after last night's victory. Fortunately, Peter Sinesio brought his skis.

I'm not sure that the Zamboni driver at the arena was pleased that Justin was standing on top of his machine.

Finally, in the "I Wouldn't Believe It Unless I Saw It" catagory, here's Sidney Crosby's fight from last night. All of your hockey info from across the NHL can be found right here.

Just in case the first video made you feel girly.

I need a recap - who's up?

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