Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Tip For You Youngsters Out There

I embedded a fight last season of Adam Burish for the Blackhawks and Byron Ritchie and I heard a funny story about it.

One of my brother's friends works as an attorney at Burish's dad's law firm in Madison. All of my good stories come from my brother's friends (not to say that any of you don't have any good stories, but you never tell me them).

Apparently after Burish and Ritchie sit down in the box, Ritchie asks him why he wanted to drop at the beginning of the game. Burish explained that Denis Savard got him so jacked up during the pregame and then started him. Burish told Ritchie at the face-off that he wanted to drop the mitts right there. Ritchie replied that that was dumb because he hadn't skated a shift or two yet. Ritchie told him that his legs would be dead the rest of the night. Sure enough, Burish had a horrible night, was a -1 with one shot and 12+ minutes of ice time. His legs were dead all night long.

So kids, remember that before you drop the gloves on the opening face-offs. Get some blood into your legs before it starts pouring out of your nose.

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