Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Just Ain't Right

What are they doing to my X???

It's not that I don't like Republicans (actually I don't, but I live two miles from the X so I'm going to have to figure out a way), but there should be ice on the floor surrounded by dashers and glass.

I would have a lot easier time accepting this if McCain were to skate during his acceptance.

Oh - and I gotta say - love the mid-90's porn music!

One other Wild note - Puck Daddy has a chat with the Wild's Director of Hockey Operations, Chris Snow, calling him the "Theo Epstein of the NHL". Excuse me, Mr. Daddy, but we consider Theo Epstein as the "Chris Snow of MLB".

In the piece, P.Daddy refers to a rumor about Gaborik as "asinine". The good news - he wasn't referring to this blog!!! Apparently, having one somewhat reputable source is better than no sources at all.

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