Friday, August 1, 2008

Colton Gilles is going to be a Stud!!!

Last year's first round pick of the Wild, Colton Gilles, has been impressing the masses at the Canadian World Junior Development Camp. From -

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Heard from TSN/NBC analyst Pierre McGuire yesterday. Pierre was at Canada’s world junior development camp in Ottawa, and he reports Colton Gillies, who won gold with the Canadian world junior team last year, “looked great. Looked bigger, and faster than last season. He has huge upside.”

Still, Gillies has a shot at making the Wild next season, and if he does, it’s unlikely the Wild would release him for world juniors. But we’ll see.

Read more from Russo’s Rants here.

By all accounts, Gillies is going to be a terrific young player. I’m sure the Wild is hoping that he forces their hand this training camp and makes the team’s roster.

I plan on cherrypicking all of the blogs that cherrypick from all of the top hockey blogs in North America. This will be the best cherrypicking blog in all of North America.


elise said...

I'm also excited to see Gillies play and hope he makes the team. And now that Parrish is gone, it seemingly opens up a spot for Gillies to step in if he performs well during training camp.

From what I've heard about his style of play I think he'll do well and it's what the Wild has been looking for. Hard nosed, tough, passionate, but with some skill is what the team looked for with Parrish, Radio, etc. and didn't get.

Now the Wild have the chance to develop that player the way they want, but it sounds like he already has a good base to start with.

TR said...

Thanks for the post, Elise. It's great that an actual blogger came for a visit. Just for that, I'm going to put you on our list of links.

elise said...

Sounds good!
I'll throw a link up to your blog on my sidebar too. I'm going to sound like a nerd saying this, but would you rather be linked under the Blog Bubble section or the Wild Blogosphere section?

TR said...

Let's see... we're both blogging about hockey, but you're concerned that you might sound like a nerd. I was hoping you'd be past that by now.

I'll let you decide because my main coverage is our adult hockey league team and then Wild and then Devils and so on. We're definitely not Wild-exclusive.

How did you find out about our little slice of heaven? I've been getting a lot of traffic recently and am somewhat puzzled.

elise said...

Fair point.

You, my friend, were linked to by Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski on his NHL blog Puck Daddy (for the Gaborik-Russia post...,98130).
That sends over a lot of traffic.

elise said...

Ok the link got cut off.

Here ya go.

TR said...


I prtscrn'ed it and saved it for my grandkids.

I suppose this happens to you every other post.

elise said...

More like every post. (kidding.)

I'm sure your grandchildren will love seeing it haha