Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hockey News of the Day

Lots of little hockey updates - none of which have to do with opening night of the AHA Summer Season.

The Wild traded a third round draft choice to Anaheim for defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron. Let the offseason season of free agency, trades, and drafts begin!!! Here's the poop from Russo.

The "Dominator" has left the building. Dominik Hasek retired yesterday and should be elected to the Hall of Fame in about a week or so. He doesn't have as many rings as Marty or Roy, but has the Vezina's. Here is a good video from TSN.

Speaking of TSN, their parent company CTV in Canada purchased the rights to Canada's Second National Anthem, the Hockey Night in Canada theme song (which used to be Diablo Theme Song on your Right - copyright infringement). There was talk that the song was going to be shelved because the song's owner was pissed with the CBC. TSN owns the rights in perpetuity which means they will play the song for every show from now until the end of time.

Someone else agrees with me about Tiger Woods.

Fozzie's Coming Around... Kurtis Foster got a write up on Wild.com about his recovery. Good Luck Fozzie.

Another Wild player who had a devastating injury, Branko Radivojevic will be rehabbing his knee Rocky style because he signed a contract to play in the Russian Premier League. Great f'ing movie.

The Avalanche's are dipping in the Minnesota well again as they pick up former Roseville Raider and Hobey Baker winner Marty Sertich.

Finally, the NHL entry draft is right around the corner and the obvious #1 pick for the Tampa Bay Lightning is Steven Stamkos. Wanna see some sick moves?

Don't forget that the NHL awards will be given out Thursday night. That's it from the DiabloHockey newsdesk.

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