Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of July Update

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey - All things Hockey.

Jarick isn't the only superstar working out this summer. Some of the Russian NHL'ers are working out in St. Petersburg, Russia and they are looking old-school. Read about it here. Check out the tan lines on Malkin's (upper) thigh.

It's good that Malkin and Ovechkin are working out since last season this happened.

Elk River native, Dan Hinote, was able to shed his status as "NHL's most eligible bachelor (who plays for St. Louis)" by marrying Playboy's CyberGirl of some month (does it matter?), Amy McCarthy. Yes, she is the sister of Jenny McCarthy. They were married in Keystone, CO & the groomsman across from sister Jenny? Peter Forsberg. Apparently, he fell down halfway through the procession.

There are two hockey blogs that have gone through a bit of a change for the better. Third Jersey information can be found at & Illegal Curve is raking over the hockey blogs with information, and has a great interview by my mentor and facebook friend, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune and more famously, Russo's Rants.

**Addition** - ESPN still thinks they cover hockey. Therefore, their one hockey employee who isn't named Buccigross, Scott Burnside, put together a August Power Rankings. Mmmm. If I had to guess, I'd say Detroit in the West and Pittsburgh in the East. Unfortunately, both the Wild and the Devils drop. Wild slide to ninth considering they lost Rolston and Demitra but picked up Owen Who??!!? Devils slide two to sixth which means they'll most likely win the division. The three new DiabloHockey teams to watch fared better: Washington (e5), Tampa Bay (e8) and Chicago (w6) look to improve.

Farewell Former Captain Grumpy. It's been bittersweet.

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