Thursday, February 14, 2008

Plays That Didn't Show Up On SportsCentre - India

Unfortunately, they don't have TSN in New Delhi - so I missed these plays from last week (not including Richard Zednik's new scar, which will never make this blog unless it finds its way onto a Deicide video).

First one - nice toe drag by Burnsy.

Next - the spin-a-rama by Ryan Shannon of the Diablo-hated Nuks vs. Chicago.

Wait a second... was that Khabibulin? Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?

Both against the Blackhawks, & the Bulin Wall, & Denis Savard - the inventor of the spin-o-rama. And finally, in the same Blackhawks / Nuks game, how 'bout a little scrap. Of course, Adam Burish is a badass - he's a Wisconsin Badger. Hey Nelson, when's the last time Keith Ballard won a fight?

Oh, and I just got done watching Burns and Koivu make Luongo look like he took the wrong medication tonight. Outstanding 2 points. Hopefully highlights later.

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